What EMS Redline Association is:

We are a performance improvement alliance using the power of collaboration to lead the transformation to high quality, cost-effective patient transport operations.  Serving more than 80 EMS and Patient Transport providers nationally, the EMS Redline alliance and its members are transforming the EMS industry together. EMS Redline was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Cotati, CA.

Why EMS Redline exists:

We bring nationwide knowledge to improve local companies. We do this by collecting and analyzing data from its member companies to make decisions and set direction for the alliance, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and sharing best practices. By doing so, EMS Redline unites many of the nation’s outstanding providers to deliver high quality, low cost operations. Everyone wins when there is no sacrifice in quality or cost.

What EMS Redline does:

Group contracting for EMS related products and services:

Using the buying clout of the entire group, EMS Redline staff negotiates contracts. These contracts are approved and implemented directly with each member company.  This collaborative action improves productivity, and delivers hundreds of thousands of dollars in validated savings to our member companies.

Knowledge Sharing and collaboration:

Members have 24/7 access to our online collaborative tool to ask questions or begin conversations about any topic.  The knowledge is shared among all members and is a great resource for sharing best practices or sharing experiences that benefit the whole.

Supply Chain Management tools:

Utilize custom built purchasing tools to manage your supply chain processes.  Control the who, what, and why of what is being purchased by your company.  Offers complete control of the items, suppliers, buyers, receiving, and accounts payable processes that are often fragmented in EMS operations.

How we are different than other EMS buying cooperatives:

EMS Redline delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of contracts in the industry.  We work hard to provide you tremendous value for vehicles, EMS technology, medical equipment, fuel, and much more.  Your membership also includes access to the #1 medical GPO in the nation, Premier.  Your company now has the buying power of over 2500 health systems in excess of $40 billion in spend.  No other cooperative can deliver you the best national pricing for every aspect of your business.  Join now and let us save you money!


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