The programs developed and the discount pricing programs provided by our Suppliers are for the sole use of EMS Redline
Association Members. The information you provide to EMS Redline Association is held in confidence. In turn, The Member hereby agrees to the following Nondisclosure terms:

  1. For purposes of this Agreement, the term confidential information (“Confidential Information”) shall mean all of the disclosing party’s financial and other nonpublic information and pricing schedules (Tiers and or special pricing provided).
  1. Each party will use the Confidential Information solely for the purpose of evaluating a possible agreement and not for any other purpose and will keep such Confidential Information strictly confidential.
  1. In the event that either party is required by law to disclose the Confidential Information, the disclosing party will exercise its best efforts to obtain assurance that confidential information will be treated as such.
  1. Confidential Information disclosed by a party to the other shall be and shall remain the discloser’s property. In the event that the parties do not proceed with an agreement, both parties shall return or destroy all documents furnished by the other.

Under the “Safe Harbor Provision” a GPO (EMS Redline Association, Inc.) may be allowed to provide goods or services at negotiated prices to its Members as long as the following two standards are met: 3

  1. The GPO must have a written agreement with each Member that provides for the following: A disclosure that the Supplier from which the Member will purchase goods or services provided by that Supplier will pay a fee to the GPO of 5% or less of the purchase price for the goods or services provided by that vendor. In the event that EMS Redline Association receives an amount greater than 5% from its Supplier Members, the GPO agrees to disclose the exact amount of the fee received from each Supplier Member.
  1. When the Member receives goods or service from the Supplier Member, the GPO must disclose in writing to the Member at least annually, the amount received from each Supplier Member with respect to purchases made by or on behalf of the entity.

The term group purchasing organization (GPO) means an entity authorized to act as a purchasing agent for a group of individuals or entities who are furnishing services for which payment may be made in whole or in part under Medicare or a State health care program, and who are neither wholly-owned by the GPO nor subsidiaries of a parent corporation that wholly owns the GPO either directly or through another wholly-owned entity. The goal of EMS Redline Association is to keep our fees low, and negotiate for the largest discounts we can from our Supplier and Distribution partners on behalf of our membership. Let us be clear: by joining EMS Redline Association and signing the enrollment form you are not required to purchase through the group’s contracts. We present these facts and provide these disclosures in an effort to fully inform you as to how we operate as a GPO and why your signature is required on the enrollment form. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this regard.
As a member of EMS Redline Association we will require access to purchase data from the suppliers you utilize in your everyday operations. This data is used by EMS Redline to determine the value of the purchasing opportunities we offer the membership. This data will remain strictly confidential and in no way will be shared with other suppliers or members without written consent. By agreeing to this it grants blanket consent to EMS Redline Association to obtain usage and purchase information from any supplier that I utilize.


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