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The Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint (B.E.A.R.)

The B.E.A.R is an innovative new product that attaches to conventional ambulance cots and longboards to accommodate and stabilize the large abdominal mass of a ex-large/bariatric patient.
The B.E.A.R. helps the larger than normal patient feel stable, comfortable, and safe. Patient anxiety is reduced, making the transport easier on everyone involved.
The B.E.A.R. reduces the risk of injury to the people transporting a bariatric patient. With the abdominal mass stabilized relative to the cot, the cot is more maneuverable and less likely to tip.
Our product pays for itself many times over in just one use! Whether it’s the loss of revenue from passing the call to not requiring the purchase of a Bariatric cot, you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars! With our product, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment for your Ex-lg Patient/Bariatric transports.

Royal Blue, Spruce Green, Orange, Lemon Yellow and Christmas Red.

Add your Agency Name or Logo available for a one time setup fee of $60.00 and one color application of $5.00 per unit on orders of more than 5 units. Customizations with agency Name or Logo on orders of less than 5 units will be charged a one-time set-up fee of $60.00 and one color application of $5.00 each unit if color is already in stock. If the color is not in stock, application of one color will be $15.00 per unit. Customizations with two or more colors will be negotiable upon order.
New Product! B.E.A.R. Stair Chair:
$410.00 Each + Free shipping (Savings of $105 each as an EMS Redline member)
B.E.A.R. Stair Chair Flyer
B.E.A.R. Stair Chair Image
B.E.A.R. Stair Chair Training Presentation 
B.E.A.R. Stair Chair YouTube Video
Pricing & info for original B.E.A.R.:
$335.00 Each + Free shipping (Savings of $80 each as an EMS Redline member)
B.E.A.R Literature


AIR B.E.A.R – specially designed for aircraft transport – call for quote


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