Beyond Lucid Technologies makes software to “connects the dots” in two primary types of emergency contexts: the critical moments between an emergency occurrence (i.e., when 9-1-1 is called), and EMS arrival; and then the time between EMS arrival and patient dropoff at the treatment facility.

MEDIVIEW MOBILE: Online/offline, Telemedicine, GPS, ECG integration, NEMSIS v3.4
MEDIVIEW™ MOBILE is the Fire/EMS industry’s most robust ePCR, designed for continued operations even entirely offline during natural disasters and in rural contexts. It is the first ePCR to incorporate online/offline telemedicine, online/offline GPS, and the ability to exchange EMS data with care facilities within 30 seconds…for free. MEDIVIEW™ was the first NEMSIS v3-certified ePCR, the first ePCR capable of importing and exporting both NEMSIS v2 Gold and v3 data—to offer security and peace-of-mind even when agencies are switching from another ePCR.

MEDIVIEW HUB: Admin, QA/CQI & Analytics (typically sold together with MOBILE)
MEDIVIEW™ HUB is an intuitive ePCR that operates seamlessly extends MEDIVIEW™ MOBILE, and for small agencies, also serves as an economical standalone web-based ePCR. HUB moves data from field-to-facility in 30 seconds, and can import / export data in both NEMSIS v2 and v3 formats. HUB also includes—at no additional cost—an integrated library of QA/CQI reports that are sourced from our nationwide client base, to ensure that every query template is useful. We generate reports from our own database—as opposed to using “bolt-on” analytic systems like most of our competitors—so we can ensure that your agency has reliable data in real-time.

MEDIVIEW TRIPS: Non-emergency dispatch, scheduled transport/paratransit, CP/MIH
MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS is a unique, award-winning integrated scheduling and dispatch system designed for paratransit, non-emergency transport and Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health that is layered onto the MEDIVIEW ePCR and prehospital health information exchange. TRIPS allows users to set up appointments and create transport records in an efficient and consistent manner—even knowing where to pick-up or drop off the patient at the care facility.

MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange: Real-time access to prehospital data by care facilities, non-EMS caregivers…even patients and families
The BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange. The newest addition to the MEDIVIEW™ prehospital documentation platform connects hospitals, clinics, SNFs, dialysis centers and more by offering near-real-time access to incoming patient data (i.e., in as little as 30 seconds after capture by Fire and EMS crews in the field. BEACON goes further than portals and interfaces from other ePCR firms by exporting data not just as a PDF, but also as a properly formatted CDA file that is consumable by most EHRs. With support from the California Health Care Foundation, Beyond Lucid Technologies was the first company in the EMS industry to export a CCD from NEMSIS v3 (demonstrated in Alameda County in November 2015). MEDIVIEW BEACON was designed to import, convert, and share compliant data from other ePCR systems.
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