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CORE Anti-Idle is a vehicle idle management system which reduces fuel costs and other idle related expenses.  Once the vehicle is placed into Park, the CORE system begins monitoring the temperature inside the vehicle’s cabin and patient compartment, as well as all battery banks for voltage. If the temperature and voltage are within the pre-set ranges, the system will turn off the vehicle’s engine. Although the vehicle’s engine is off, the internal systems will maintain full functionality. The CORE system will continue to monitor, and if the temperature or voltage fall outside of the optimal range, the CORE system will start the vehicle.
Proven Return on Investment with Core!
CORE Anti-Idle is one of the few products you will purchase that provides a proven return on your investment. As the price of fuel increases, vehicle idle expenses increase. The CORE system will reduce fuel and oil consumption by automatically managing your vehicles idle time.
Some EMS services suggest that idle fuel burn is approximately 30% of their fuel expense.  Some CORE customers are experiencing up to a 50% reduction in idle time.
Every hour at idle consumes approximately 0.6 gallons of fuel For every hour of idle, your vehicle emits approximately 9.468 Kg of CO2.
EMS Redline Members save over 16% off of retail with the purchase of any Core Anti-Idle system.


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