The purpose of the Fit Responder program, which we will tailor specifically to the needs and organizational structure of your Agency, is to:
1) Reduce on the job injury and workers compensations claims.
2) Establish a safe patient handling and ergonomics guideline which will eventually become a policy for patient and equipment handling.
3) Train key staff on the core components of the Fit Responder program.
– Muscular stabilization and the 5 steps of patient handling.
– Injury prevention through tissue flexibility and mobility.
– Patient handling and equipment handling; a hands on training system.
– Safe and effective exercise to improve fitness while reducing injury.
– Utilize existing command structure to establish a system of oversight for proper ergonomics.
– Clearly defined training modules for retraining, new employee orientation & FTO training.
– Initiate Physical Abilities Testing for new and incumbent employees.
– Examine best practices from around the industry and how they can benefit your department.
4) Change the culture and behaviors of field employees through biomechanical behavior modification, nutritional education, fitness, wellness and self care.
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