CPR Connection of North America is a nationally recognized dealer of the Philips brand of monitors and AEDs. CPR Connection have on staff emergency room RNs and paramedics with a combined 30 years of emergency medical experience. Each of us has used AEDs and performed CPR countless times. The experience we possess will be used to make you, the lay rescuer, confident and comfortable in reacting to any sudden cardiac arrest. EMS Redline Members can take advantage of up to 30% off any Philips brand monitor or AED as well as all supplies and accessories. Buy Direct and save the distribution fee. Call today for a quote!
Why Choose Philips

  • EASE OF USE – unsurpassed in ease of use tests
  • COACHING – Phillips AED’s direct you with clear and real time CPR coaching.
  • INNOVATORS – Phillips leads the industry for home and pediatric defibrillators and Smart CPR
  • PATENTED QUICK SHOCK – OnSite shock takes place within 8 seconds maximizing the benefits of CPR
  • All defibrillators perform daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests of its electrical components, subsystems, pads and battery to help ensure continued reliability and readiness
  • Easy to maintain, at a glance flashing green light, or hour glass indicator, lets you know device is ready for use. Audible chirping noise to let you know to check machine
  • CPR coaching, SMART CPR, quick shock
  • Biphasic external defibrillator
  • Pediatric Defibrillation capability
  • SMART pad technology means instructions are paced to user

MRx Price List  (Call for quote to obtain discounts)

FRx Price List

FR3 Price List

AED & Monitor Supplies & Accessories Price List

MRx Monitor Data Sheet

FRx Defibrillator Data Sheet

FR3 Defibrillator Data Sheet


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