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Reagan Ladd
(713) 353-1178
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Sharps Compliance offer solutions to help prevent accidents while protecting customers and employees.
Our safe and easy-to-use sharps disposal by mail systems enable your business to properly dispose of used needles, syringes and other small quantities of bio hazardous waste to keep employees and the public safe. Each sharps mailback solution includes pre-paid return postage and proper treatment with our patented Waste Conversion Process™.
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Sharps Savings Flyer!   Save up to 50% of more by returning medical waste when ready !
Sharps EMS Redline Price List
Sharps 5 Quart SRS SharpsStar
Sharps 5 Quart TRS SharpsStar
Sharps 20 Gallon TRS SharpsStar
Sharps 80020 20 Gallon TRS
Sharps 85100 TRS 1.25 Gallon Spill Kit
Senior VP of Sales: Berkley Nelson
Phone: (713) 660-3515
Mobile: (832) 407-4322


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